Meet Misty!

Our first Sally Star recipient is Misty Ratcliff!

Misty has been volunteering with us since Christmas 2009 and was instrumental in our volunteer operations during the May Flood of 2010.

Josh Lippincott, our Director of Volunteer Services describes Misty “as having a heart of gold.  He goes on to say that she is truly a servant; lives to serve others and is always flexible, willing,  and open to do whatever is needed to complete the call of the Army.”

Misty’s  generosity to give is immeasurable and this is exemplified in the work she does and the time she donates to various projects.  Her volunteer efforts during the 2010 Angel Tree season was a true blessing as she interviewed/registered clients for the program, manned Angel Tree booths in the mall, became our gift sorting coordinator and headed up volunteer distribution efforts. Misty currently continues her efforts in volunteering her time to serve our street family by feeding the homeless on Friday nights and working on various tasks within our Marketing department.

On top of being a volunteer, Misty is an amazing wife, and mother, she not only gives of her time to The Salvation Army, but coordinates and mentors within her daughter’s Girl Scout troop as well.

Misty is a rare gem who has blessed the Salvation Army in support and friendship. She is seen by all as a huge asset and gift from the Lord above.  A True Star!!!

About salarmynashville

The Salvation Army, a faith-based nonprofit serving Nashville since 1890, extends a resourceful hand of assistance to families in greatest need, so that they may lift themselves from crisis to stability and independence.

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