Meet Tina!

“From Jobless To Full Time!”

“I didn’t know how to make a resume when I first came to the Life Skills Learning Program here at The Salvation Army. Thank goodness for people like you, and the work of The Salvation Army. I went from being homeless with no job—and not much hope, to fulltime work and a nice place to live.  I was not expecting it in the least.”

After we helped Tina Carter design her resume, she began to use it while applying for work. She said she noticed immediately that the resume got attention. She was offered a part-time job and within two weeks was increased to 40 hours-per-week.

Because of donors like you who support this type of program financially and our volunteers who donate hours of time each week as tutors, teachers, mentors and life coaches, her light is able to shine brightly for all to see!



About salarmynashville

The Salvation Army, a faith-based nonprofit serving Nashville since 1890, extends a resourceful hand of assistance to families in greatest need, so that they may lift themselves from crisis to stability and independence.

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