Meet the Kiwanis Club of Nashville!

As we close out National Volunteer Week, we reflect on all of our wonderful volunteers, which consist of families, individuals and church, civic and corporate groups who go above and beyond to meet the need no matter the cost, no matter how much time it takes.

One such incredible group is the Kiwanis Club of Nashville.  Thousands of members over a span of 20 years have dedicated their time , their heart and their treasure to make a difference in the lives of families within our community.  Annually, they host a Christmas Party for children in our programs, allowing them to just be kids and focus on the love that is displayed as Kiwanians join us in festivities that honor Christ and promote hope! For several years, the Kiwanis Club have made it possible for families in our programs to enjoy a”Day on the Farm” complete with hay rides, fishing, horseback riding, food fresh off the grill and a bonfire.  Within the past 3 years,  Kiwanis has collected and restored more than 200 used bikes and provided them to children and adults targeted by The Salvation Army.  Kiwanians, AJ Levy and Harvey White founded the shop and served as mechanics for the first two years.  And what has become a true holiday treat, Kiwanians gathering together around our Red Kettles and merrily ringing the bell for change!  Last year alone, we had 70 volunteers from Kiwanis who raised a total of $5,000 for the cause and are the recipients of the famed, “Kettle Cup Trophy!”

Thank you to Kiwanis of Nashville for creating the Up & Over Fund back in 1999.  This year, Kiwanis enabled The Salvation Army to provide a hand up to more than 200 impoverished families with a Priority One Youth Foundation grant of $15,000.  This ends up being an average disbursement of $75 per family and even though $75 may not sound like much………..until your only car breaks down and you have to come up with bus fare for a month


……until your child care fee doubles because you reported a dollar an hour pay raise and your part time job


…..until you lose your job because you had to stay home with your sick children

The Up & Over Fund bought the bus passes, covered the difference in child care fees, kept the lights and heat/air on in the house while the parent got their kids well and found a new job along with countless other blessings that enabled folks to get back on their feet, stay on their feet and always moving forward!

Kiwanis of Nashville, through your hours of volunteer service and the treasures that you lay at our feet in order to serve those who are in need of a miracle, we thank you and are honored to have you work with us in so many way;s impacting so many lives.  Your light remains strong as you support us, empowers us and enable us to be there for Others.  You are a brilliant Sally Star, that shines ever so brightly!

About salarmynashville

The Salvation Army, a faith-based nonprofit serving Nashville since 1890, extends a resourceful hand of assistance to families in greatest need, so that they may lift themselves from crisis to stability and independence.

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